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For years, the office of Thomas S. Clifton, DDS has been the premier provider of dental care in Durham, NC. With support from his highly skilled team members, Dr. Clifton works hard to provide high quality general, cosmetic, endodontic, periodontic, and preventative dentistry for your entire family. We use the latest technology in the dental industry to develop personalized, effective treatments that cater to your specific dental needs. Our specialties include:

Dr. Clifton emphasizes good preventative care in order to help you avoid common problems associated with dental health. If you experience any of these dental issues, please visit our office so that we can determine the exact treatment for you. We want to help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health!

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, otherwise known as caries, is a preventable and treatable disease, but if left untreated, this disease can cause you pain, distress and damage your overall health. When your teeth are exposed to large amounts of starches and sugars, acids begin to form and eat away at tooth enamel. These deposits bond with bacteria and form plaque, which damages the mineral structure of teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

Sensitive Teeth

As a reaction to changes in temperature, your teeth will naturally expand and contract, so eating and drinking hot and cold food or beverages can cause pain to people with sensitive teeth. Time itself can lead to tooth enamel wearing down, gums receding or teeth developing microscopic cracks, which exposes the interior of the tooth and irritates nerve endings.

Gum Disease

Gum, or periodontal, disease relates to the surrounding structures of your teeth, which play an important role in dental health, and left untreated can lead to inflammation, tooth loss and bone damage. Gum disease is caused by plaque, initially called gingivitis, which causes red and swollen gums. In the severe case of periodontitis, gums will start to bleed and teeth may fall out or need to be removed. Gum disease is highly preventable and can usually be avoided by daily brushing and flossing.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by the buildup of food particles, plaque, and bacteria in your mouth. You should never leave food particles in your mouth because they deteriorate oral health. If you experience consistent bad breath, please visit our office, as this may be a sign of gum disease or another dental problem.

Canker Sores

Canker sores are small sores that occur inside the mouth. They have a white or gray base surrounded by a red border. These small sores typically last one or two weeks, but can be reduced by the use of antimicrobial mouthwashes or topical agents.

Orthodontic Problems

A bad bite (malocclusion) can either be inherited or acquired. Some causes of bad bites include missing or extra teeth, crowded teeth or misaligned jaws. Accidents or developmental issues may cause severe malocclusions, in which case orthodontic treatment with braces is needed.

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At the dental office of Thomas S. Clifton, DDS, we are passionate about improving your oral health. We proudly offer advanced dental treatments, including root canals, crowns and bridges, to improve smiles in the greater Durham, NC area. Good preventative care can help you avoid common dental issues, so please contact us at (919) 471-2422 for more information!

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