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Skip the Wait for New Crowns

Repairing tooth issues doesn't need to take several weeks. Your dentist, Dr. Thomas Clifton, will correct them in only a few hours with one appointment crowns in Durham, NC.

Same-Day Crowns

Same-day crowns compress the time it takes to correct your dental issues. One appointment crowns in Durham, NC, use CEREC technology to help you get convenient dental care. With CEREC crowns, your busy schedule won't stop you from getting your dental imperfections corrected because it only takes one visit.

Same-Day Crowns Installation

The installation procedure for dental crowns takes only a few hours from start to finish. The distinction between Same-day crowns and traditional dental crowns lies in their production process. Same-day crowns involve using digital technology to capture your dental image and create your dental crowns.

At your dentist's office, computer-aided design and manufacturing software uses your dental digital image to create dental crowns that will fit flawlessly. Your dentist will attach your dental crowns directly to your prepared teeth. No temporary crown is necessary. After installing your CEREC crowns, your dentist will check to see that they fit perfectly.

Why Get Same-Day Crowns?

  • They Fit Perfectly - Same-day dental crowns fit flawlessly needing minimal adjustments after installation. That's because of the accurate dental impressions used in making them.
  • No Waiting - Same-day dental crowns will fix your dental defects in one appointment. You won't need temporary crowns or wait for weeks for your dental restoration to be ready.
  • Not Messy - Taking digital dental impressions is quick and less messy. The digital impressions help your dentist create dental crowns that are a precise match for your smile.
  • Durable - Your ceramic dental crowns are strong and resist stains. Their strength means they last a long time before needing replacement.
  • Saves Your Tooth - Same-day crowns help strengthen your natural teeth to repair damage.

If you're worried about being too busy to correct your dental problems, consider getting CEREC crowns. Call (919) 471-2422 to schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Clifton, for one appointment crowns in Durham, NC.

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